Mandvi - 'Paris' of Gujarat



Mandvi is a port city located where the Rukmavati River meets the Gulf of Kachchh. It is about 56 km south of the regional capital, Bhuj. It is approximately 446 km from the major Gujarati city of Ahmedabad. Because Mandvi has no rail transport, the nearest public airport and train station is Bhuj.



Mandvi houses a population of about 45,000 people, mainly Brahmkshatriya (Hindu Khatri), Bhatias, Lohanas, Kharvas, Dawoodi Bohra,Muslims(Memon, Khatri, Sumara, etc.) and Jains (kandoi), Gurjar Kshatriyas.

Known Places

The Wind Farms Beach and Wind-mills, which line the horizon of Mandvi, offer a spectacular view from the Mandvi sea-beach. The Wind mills projects running in this beach was Asia's 1st Wind-Mills Projects in 1983.

Vijay Vilas Palace: The center of attractions at Mandvi is the Vijay Vilas Palace, a Royal abode set in the middle of well-laid gardens with water channels and marble fountains.

Shyamji Krishna Varma Smarak: The smarak(monument) is located near Lohana Mahajan Wadi. Shyamji Krishna Varma was a scholar and freedom fighter. He established India House in Britain to support Indian student going UK for studying, eventually India house become a foreign hub of nationalist activity for freedom of India. Shyamji Krishna Varma was born in Mandvi.

Swaminarayan Temple at Mandvi: This scenic temple is on the main road of Mandvi - Naliya.

Traditional ship building: Mandvi is also a 400 year old ship building centre. The ships built here used to sail up to England and return back. Even today, master carpenters build fishing boats by traditional techniques.

Kasi Vishvanath Beach, Salaya: This is another beach near Mandvi. It derives its name from a Shiv temple nearby.